Research Facilities

Here are examples of some of our resources available

to researchers and staff at the HRRC labs, and a

video of wearable sensor technology being used.







  • AMTI force plate
  • Biodex Dynamometer
  • Isometric strain gauges

Motion Analysis

  • Ariel 3D Motion Analysis System
  • Fastrak position sensing motion analysis system
  • 2D Electrogoniometers
  • Qualisys 3D Motion Analysis System
  • Silicon Coach 2D Motion Analysis system


  • Bortec Portable EMG system
  • Delsys EMG system with surface electrodes
  • Grass EMG system with surface and fine-wire electrodes
  • MagStim for cortical stimulation
  • Spinal stimulation systems for monitoring the H-Reflex


  • Electronically braked bike
  • Electronically braked stepper
  • Treadmill
  • Fully equipped weights room

Data collection and Analysis Software

  • Labview (PC and Mac)
  • Testpoint (PC)
  • Superscope (Mac)
  • Signal 3
  • Cosmed

Ultrasound Phillips HD11 Machine