Our students

Willow Shen (BMedImagHons)

Comparing ultrasound imaging assessment of femoral condyle articular cartilage morphology to histopathologic grading of osteoarthritis: a cadaveric study
Supervisors: Supervisors: A/Prof. Richard Ellis, Dr. Sue McGlashan (UoA).

Monique Baigent (MPhil)

Can clinical tests accurately diagnose chronic acromioclavicular joint (CACJ) pain?
Supervisors: Dr. Steve White, Dr. Julia Hill, A/Prof. Alain Vandall.

Marianne Carroll (MHSc)

The effects of gluteus medius trigger points on hip passive range of movement and muscle strength in people with chronic non-specific low-back pain
Supervisors: A/Prof. Richard Ellis, Susan Kohut, Dr. Nick Garrett

Katie Dervan (BHScPhtyHons)

The hidden costs of LBP in New Zealand:A scoping review of the intangible (or indirect) costs of LBP in New Zealand
Supervisor: Dr. Julia Hill

Stephen Ellery (DHSc)

Exploring the experiences and perspectives of physiotherapists and patients in New Zealand to describe factors that influence low back pain clinical outcomes.
Supervisors: Prof Duncan Reid, Dr Steve White, Prof Nicola Kayes

Wayne Fausett (DHSc)

Patient reported outcomes after primary ACL surgery in NZ and the relationship with physiotherapy treatment.
Supervisors: Prof Duncan Reid, Assoc Prof Peter Larmer

Blake Francis (BHScPhtyHons)

Developing a Short OA Guidebook for Aotearoa New Zealand
Supervisor: Dr. Daniel O’Brien

Emma Green (DHSc)

Allied health workforce evolution: what does it take to evolve a workforce? Reflections from the Bay of Plenty DHB journey.
Supervisors: Prof Duncan Reid, Dr Brenda Flood

Bryce Hastings (PhD)

An investigation into the effect of supervised neuro-motor exercise on pain, function, walking economy and daily activity levels in individuals with hip osteoarthritis.
Supervisors: Dr. Daniel O’Brien, Dr. Steve White and Prof. Duncan Reid (Advisors: Gillian Hatfield and Jinger GottShall)

Aaron Jackson (PhD)

The effect of lateral forefoot wedging on walking and running gait in healthy adults.
Supervisors: Assoc Prof Matt Carroll, Prof Duncan Reid

Marian Krogh (MHPrac)

Knee injuries in ski instructors: Mapping the potential for an exercise-based injury prevention programme.
Supervisors: Tom Adams and A/Prof. Richard Ellis

Ellie Marshall (BHScPhtyHons)

Transgender, non-binary, gender diverse and intersex experiences of physiotherapy in New Zealand
Supervisor: A/Prof. Richard Ellis

Kim McCullough (PhD)

Movement Screening and injury incidence in NCAA soccer teams.
Supervisors: Prof Phil Sizer (Texas Tech) Prof Duncan Reid

Catherine McIntosh (MHPrac)

What is the efficacy of existing interventions for reducing the impact of knee osteoarthritis following anterior cruciate ligament injury? A systematic review.
Supervisors: Dr. Daniel O’Brien and Prof. Duncan Reid

Gary McNicholl (DHSc)

Does the capacity demand management programme (CCDM) improve patient care and staff workloads in an allied health practitioner setting?
Supervisors: Prof Duncan Reid, Dr Felicity Bright

Prue Molyneux (PhD)

Development of an ultrasound imaging atlas to grade the severity of first metatarsophalangeal joint osteoarthritis
Supervisors: A/Prof. Matt Carroll, Prof. Cathy Bowen (University of Southampton), A/Prof. Richard Ellis

Leena Naik (DHSc)

Extended Scope and Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner roles in New Zealand: An exploratory case study.
Supervisors: Prof Duncan Reid, Dr Steve White, Prof Stephen Neville

Emma O’Loughlin (PhD)

The Effects of a Female-Specific Rehabilitation Programme for ACL Injuries.
Supervisors: Prof Duncan Reid, Dr Stacy Sims

Geoff Potts (DHSc)

Preoperative anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation compared to current care.
Supervisors: Prof Duncan Reid, Assoc Prof Peter Larmer

Laura Rensford (MHSc)

Physical activity levels in children with bronchiectasis living in Counties Manukau, New Zealand
Supervisors: Dr. Sarah Mooney, A/Prof. Richard Ellis

Jennifer Stillwell (DHSc)

Is a Physiotherapy Led Orthopaedic Triage Service a viable workforce model in the New Zealand Public Health system?
Supervisors: Prof Duncan Reid, Assoc Prof Peter Larmer

Rebecca Tuhi (MHSc)

Examining the diagnostic accuracy of information obtained from the clinical examination in diagnosing triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) injuries
Supervisors: Dr Steve White, Julie Collis, A/Prof. Alain Vandal.