Our students

Monique Baigent (MPhil)

Can clinical tests accurately diagnose chronic acromioclavicular joint (CACJ) pain?
Supervisors: Dr. Steve White, Dr. Julia Hill, A/Prof. Alain Vandall.

Marianne Carroll (MHSc)

The effects of gluteus medius trigger points on hip passive range of movement and muscle strength in people with chronic non-specific low-back pain
Supervisors: A/Prof. Richard Ellis, Susan Kohut, Dr. Nick Garrett

Stephen Ellery (DHSc)

Exploring the experiences and perspectives of physiotherapists and patients in New Zealand to describe factors that influence low back pain clinical outcomes.
Supervisors: Prof Duncan Reid, Dr Steve White, Prof Nicola Kayes

Wayne Fausett (DHSc)

Patient reported outcomes after primary ACL surgery in NZ and the relationship with physiotherapy treatment.
Supervisors: Prof Duncan Reid, Assoc Prof Peter Larmer

Emma Green (DHSc)

Allied health workforce evolution: what does it take to evolve a workforce? Reflections from the Bay of Plenty DHB journey.
Supervisors: Prof Duncan Reid, Dr Brenda Flood

Aaron Jackson (PhD)

The effect of lateral forefoot wedging on walking and running gait in healthy adults.
Supervisors: Assoc Prof Matt Carroll, Prof Duncan Reid

Kim McCullough (PhD)

Movement Screening and injury incidence in NCAA soccer teams.
Supervisors: Prof Phil Sizer (Texas Tech) Prof Duncan Reid

Gary McNicholl (DHSc)

Does the capacity demand management programme (CCDM) improve patient care and staff workloads in an allied health practitioner setting?
Supervisors: Prof Duncan Reid, Dr Felicity Bright

Prue Molyneux (PhD)

Development of an ultrasound imaging atlas to grade the severity of first metatarsophalangeal joint osteoarthritis
Supervisors: A/Prof. Matt Carroll, Prof. Cathy Bowen (University of Southampton), A/Prof. Richard Ellis

Leena Naik (DHSc)

Extended Scope and Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner roles in New Zealand: An exploratory case study.
Supervisors: Prof Duncan Reid, Dr Steve White, Prof Stephen Neville

Emma O’Loughlin (PhD)

The Effects of a Female-Specific Rehabilitation Programme for ACL Injuries.
Supervisors: Prof Duncan Reid, Dr Stacy Sims

Scott Peirce (MHSc)

Examination of diaphragm thickness using ultrasound imaging in females with a breathing pattern disorder
Supervisors: A/Prof. Richard Ellis, Dr. Sarah Mooney, Dr. Maheswaran Rohan.

Geoff Potts (DHSc)

Preoperative anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation compared to current care.
Supervisors: Prof Duncan Reid, Assoc Prof Peter Larmer

Laura Rensford (MHSc)

Physical activity levels in children with bronchiectasis living in Counties Manukau, New Zealand
Supervisors: Dr. Sarah Mooney, A/Prof. Richard Ellis

Jennifer Stillwell (DHSc)

Is a Physiotherapy Led Orthopaedic Triage Service a viable workforce model in the New Zealand Public Health system?
Supervisors: Prof Duncan Reid, Assoc Prof Peter Larmer

Rebecca Tuhi (MHSc)

Examining the diagnostic accuracy of information obtained from the clinical examination in diagnosing triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) injuries
Supervisors: Dr Steve White, Julie Collis, A/Prof. Alain Vandal.